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Fuchien High Court Kinmen Branch Court


History of the Court


The Court was originally the Siamen Branch Court of the Fuchien High Court which was established in Siamen City, Fuchien Province. After the government of the Republic of China moved from the mainland to Taiwan, the Court resumed its services on November 6th, 1951 in Taiwan to manage the judicial matters of Kinmen County and Lienchiang County. On July 1st, 1990, the Court was renamed as Fuchien High Court Kinmen Branch Court pursuant to the approval of the Executive Yuan and moved to Kinmen on February 15th, 1993. As Fuchien High Court itself has not been resumed, the Court is currently under the Judicial Yuan’s direct supervision. The jurisdiction of the Court covers six townships in Kinmen County, including Jincheng Township, Jinhu Township, Jinsha Township, Jinning Township, Lieyu Township and Wuciou Township; and four townships in Lienchiang County, including Nangan Township, Beigan Township, Jyuguang Township and Dongyin Township. The total area of coverage is 179.9758 km2.

This Court handles appeal and objection cases from the district courts of Kinmen County and Lienchiang County; and also criminal and other cases justiciable by the High Court (e.g., pursuant to Article 181, Section 5 of the Military Justice Act, when the defendant refuses to accept the verdict of guilt and sentence of imprisonment for a term, the defendant may appeal to the Military High Court on the ground that the verdict violates the laws.)

  • Release Date:2021-05-05
  • Update:2021-05-05